Saturday, December 1, 2007

Craving for Milkfish

I've been craving for Bangus (as what we commonly call in the Philippines). I asked my friend here if she knew where could I possibly get those. She gave me the address of the Filipino Store nearby and right after I looked at the address in the map, we went there immediately and bought two packs of marinated milkfish. I was so happy and I can't wait to cook them on Monday. You might be wondering why not today or tomorrow? Well, for the very plain reason that hubby can't take the smell of the fried fish. He doesn't eat fish and no matter how much persuading I would do, he will never try it. Anyway, I saw some pinay there in the store. One pinay was accompanied by her husband. While I busied myself looking for the fish in the freezer, hubby noticed the husband is too old for the girl hahahaha. I felt the pinay was kind of embarrassed or shy, I didn't really know why she did not even said hello. I didn't seem to care at all. She's a bit snob. But there's was one pinay on her forties who said "hi" and I supposed she's the store owner. On the way home, I did familiarize the road landmarks and directions. From now on, there will be frequent buying of milkfish, my favorite fish in the worl!