Tuesday, December 4, 2007


It's been five days since I made the mango float but it was still in the refrigerator almost untouched. I thought hubby will like it but I was wrong. I was the only one eating it until I decided to get rid of it. I made maja (Filipino dessert). I really miss those famous desserts in my country. I got the recipe in a pinay forum and the outcome of the recipe was perfect. I love it! I really do. Anyway, we had a great time watching TILA. We always look forward every Tuesday night because of the reality TV show TILA TEQUILA. It's about a bisexual girl who wants to settle down but confused on her sexual preference. She has bunch of lesbians and guys to choose from. It's always fun watching the dogfights and the catfights of the hopeless romantic lesbians and gorgeous guys.