Monday, December 24, 2007

Out of Town for Christmas

It's been a long day. We woke up early for my job interview at 9:00 am. My ever supported hubby drove me to the location and patiently waited in the parking lot for almost two hours. I took a series of tests (data entry & customer service case scenarios in a call center setting) after the quick interview by the staffing supervisor. I guess I did well because she mentioned calling me in a week. A good sign though but I won't expect that much. It was so weird because of the many offices in that huge building, seemed like they were the only suite open. After leaving the establishment we bought a card for my mom-in-law and headed back home and arranged our gifts. We were on the interstate hi-way late in the afternoon going to hubby's hometown where we intend to spend a night for the following Christmas day celebration. I got so busy helping with food preparation and making of my favorite desserts (chocolate and cheesecake). We had them all ready for tomorrow plus turkey, ham, mashed & sweet potato, bread rolls, mixed vegetables and sweet corn. I was happy to call my family back home in the Philippines and greeted my sisters & some close relatives. They were very much grateful of the package I sent two months ago. Deep inside, I felt joyful as well, knowing that I made a lot of people happy with my gifts. I had been shopping for them since April. I know it's worth it. Anyway, it was the first time my mother and hubby's mom was able to talked on the phone. I hope someday they'll meet in person. I'm sure it would be a perfect out of town Christmas to celebrate.