Monday, December 10, 2007

Tests & Interviews

It took me two hours and a half to get out of the establishment where I had my tests and interview. I was scheduled for 10am interview but when I got there I had to fill out papers (applicant's info sheet, contract & agreement for background check & W-4, for 30 minutes. To my surprise, the lady receptionist brought me to the skills testing room and I took three different exams and they were time pressured (data entry, financial, and excel). I should have known about these tests I should have studied. Then came the most awaited part, the interview by three Staffing Managers. The first American guy briefly asked me about my resume and he gave me the result of my tests. I did well on financial and data entry (90% and 92% respectively) but the excel part was worst. As far as I remembered, I always copy my seatmates file when we have practical exams in Excel way back in college hahahaha! I only know the basic MS Excel and that's it. Other commands and menu functions are not really my forte. He explained to me I got the passing score anyway. The second interviewer is a young black woman and she discussed my minimum salary rate and my job preferences. The third one is an American woman on her thirties and she's very nice. She was impressed of the financial scores I got and wondered how come I knew all those. Wow, I was so flattered but I remained humble. The interview was brief and very direct. It was so different with the interviews I had in the Philippines (which really takes a while like 30 minutes or longer).

Now, all I need to do is wait for a job offer from them. Hmmm, sounds it's gonna be a great Christmas present to look forward to.