Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Superstition

The old folks have so much influence when it comes to superstition. The Philippines has many superstitions pertaining to the New Year. Most Filipino superstitions derive in hopes for blessings, particularly the abundance of food and money. Looking back, they make me laugh. As far as I remember even my mom has been doing some of those creeds since I was a kid. Though I don't really think those certitudes will affect the kind of life you'll have in the coming year, I still respect the idea being passed from one generation to the next. It just so happened that I was born in a new era otherwise I will continue such beliefs and maybe influence my American husband as well. Hahahaha...

1. Filipinos believe that at New Year's eve, the doors and windows should be open for blessings to come into the house. The logic behind this is that if the windows and doors are open, it will invite good luck to flow into the house.

2. Wearing polka dots on New Year's eve will bring lots of money throughout the year. This superstition derived from the belief that polka dots are a symbol of money, particularly coins. Round fruit is also a representation of money. Putting twelve different kinds in the table means more financial blessings in the coming year.

3. If someone were to put money in their pocket on New Year's eve, he or she will have money for the rest of the year.

4. When I was a kid, the moment the clock struck twelve, I and my siblings were asked to jump as high as we can. The act is supposed to make us tall.

5. During December 31, mom is very specific in having the whole house spotlessly clean. This is supposed to make our home clean the whole year round.

6. Also, all the containers at our house are filled to the brim - coffee, milk, sugar and creamer containers and even our rice dispensers so the whole year, we have an abundance of such.