Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Miss Riding In A Jeepney

The jeepney is one of the Filipinos means of transportation. Aside from bus, taxis, minicab, the common people and the public ride on these jeepneys going to places, to work, malls, churches, market and even to long distance travel destinations. Some people (middle class and those who can afford the rising cost of gasoline) own cars and SUV's but for more practical reasons, jeepneys could be a substitute especially for short distances. The last time I took a jeepney about a year ago cost me less than ten pesos (Philippine currency) which equates to
$0.25. With that amount, you can already go to places.
The first few months was so hard for me because I do not have the state license to drive. They have busses here but they have schedules what time to arrive and leave at a certain destination. And now that I am driving, I still miss riding in a jeepney. Sometimes when I am stuck in traffic in the highway or gets tired driving in a freeway or interstate, I remember our jeepneys back home. Being a passenger, you do not have to worry about maneuvering the steering wheels nor get nervous every time there is a police car behind you. A jeepney can accommodate 16 passengers and it's fun because you will meet other people also. If you are close to your destination, do not forget your fare so you will never hear a complain or a scream from the driver. LoL. I really miss it, the stress-free ride.