Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lost Soul

CONFUSION... It's never easy. I'm wondering how long would it take me to deal with this. It concerns about my career. I'm planning to take a 360 degrees shift. I don't know where to start nor certain if this is the right path to take. I have a Business Administration degree in another country. I feel like they(employers & recruiters) never recognize it here. Do I need to start from scratch? I can do that but the thing is until now, don't have any luck yet in my job search. I'm a firm believer that there's a reason for everything. I'm just clueless right now.

Then Nursing course came to mind. Yesterday, I got a call from the Assistant Administrator of South University (based in Georgia). She explained about the subjet courses, how long will it take and the tuition/application fees as well. We all know that nursing is a noble profession. It's a rewarding career because you can help and care for lots of people. In addition, the salary is relatively high compared to other average employees. Plus the shortage of nurses these days and the years to come make it more inviting for me to take the course. Now I'm really confused. I feel like I'm a lost soul in this world.