Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Really Miss The Beach

I am a certified beach bum! Never mind the swimming skills because unfortunately I don't have them. But the thought of just spending time in a resort for days, relaxing and hearing the sound of the seawaves is nothing compared to traveling in a new place or city. I really love the beach and now I miss it. My hubby sometimes called me an island girl. Hehehe. You see, I came from the Philippines which consists of 7, 107 islands. If Hawaii has seven islands, we have thousands in my country. I have been here for months and there is no beach here in Maryland as calm and as nice as my hometown's. Well, we have the ocean city but the waves are so scary just like when we had our trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey. I am not a swimmer and big waves frighten me to death! I guess, I just have to be contented with bubble bath for now.