Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sleeping Beauty No More

I will surely miss the times when I get to sleep as much hours as I want everyday. For some people who have a very hectic schedule, sleeping can be a luxury. I'm enjoying it since I arrived here. My husband labeled me as sleeping beauty because he knows my typical waking hours. I don't need to take breakfast since it will be lunchtime when my alarm clock beeps. My day starts at 11:00 and sometimes 12:00, arranged the bed, brush my teeth, take shower, grab something to eat, internet and when I check the clock, wow it's almost cooking time for dinner. If I have the energy, I exercise (Taeboo & Core Rhythms). Surfing the net, chatting with friends, and blogging really helps me divert myself with homesickness. Sometimes I get phone calls from friends and we talk for hours on the phone.

Tomorrow will be totally different. It will be something new and I will no longer be the sleeping beauty.