Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Long Lost Best Friend

I am so happy my bestfriend in high school is back in the picture. Nine years ago, we bid goodbyes and I cried for weeks when she finally left the Philippines. She had to move to Sri Lanka due to family business matters. Though we were keeping in touch through snail mail months after that, its hard when a very special friend is just not around. Years passes by and I never heard of her again. Until I got a friend's request in friendster year 2005. I am glad we were able to update each other's live after all these years. And now we are both here in the US and constantly calling. Though we are not in the same state but I am looking forward to seeing her again. Maybe plan a vacation together and spend some fun times like we used to. What a small world after all! God is really good. He brought back someone who is so important and special.