Monday, January 28, 2008

My Simple Birthday Celebration

Just one more day and I will be a year older. We decided to celebrate my birthday in advance so we headed to Lone Star for dinner. We had salad, soup, onion rings, steak and lobster. I really love their Cajun steak. What I love about our location is the fact that it's close to restaurants and shopping centers. Mostly less than 15 minutes drive. There are times when I get tired of cooking for dinner or just ran out of trial and error recipes, we eat outside. Sometimes ordering pizza online and wait for delivery is the most convenient. This must be the reason why both of us are gaining weight and I think it's hopeless. Hehehe. Anyway, this is my very first birthday celebration in the US. Though I received a lot of greetings from family and friends I still miss them. Wish they were here to celebrate it with me.