Sunday, March 16, 2008

Virus On My Blog

I was really shocked when I noticed those pop-up ads in almost all my posts. In fact, I can't remember signing up for these ads, websites, whatever you call it. Then I thought of blog virus. So I asked my friend, Pinaysmile about it. She also had it before in her blog and took her awhile figuring out how to get rid of them but successfully got the virus out of her page. Everything seems so high tech nowadays. A blogpage is supposed to be our own private page but still very possible for some people to intrude our privacy. To other bloggers out there, if you happen to become their next victim, just check your html codes (especially in widgets) and remove them right away. When I checked my codes, I saw some unusual codes inserted on them. It is advisable to change your password also just to make sure. That's what I did and it works!

To Pinaysmile, thank you girl for your help. I really appreciate it.