Monday, March 24, 2008

Cooking School

Cooking is something that I really would love to learn. Although it’s not my passion but having a little expertise in the kitchen would be great so I can cook really good food for my hubby. I remember last year, one of my “to do lists” before leaving the Philippines is to enroll in a culinary school. Unfortunately I was not able to because I got so busy with other important things. Now that I’m here, I would love to enroll myself in the future (if I have time). Are you planning to do the same thing? If so then I recommend you this It is a good source of finding culinary schools online. You can also search by careers in hotel and restaurant management or becoming a Sous Chef or Food Stylist. To find a chef school, check this website. You can also choose culinary schools by themes (French, Italian, Mexican, Thai, baking, pastry cooking schools) and many more.