Sunday, March 23, 2008


I'm working six days a week and Sunday is my only off from work. Last night, I slept very late (2:30 AM) because my family and I spent four long hours talking on the internet via skype. Thanks to this free mode of communication, I don't have to spend for long distance calls like I used to when I got here the first few months. This morning the aroma of the maple bacon woke me up. I should have been sleeping until lunch time but I can't resist the smell of the food my hubby was preparing. Instead I got hungry and had a heavy breakfast. Then I busied myself with blogging while hubby was watching the Pacquiao-Marquez Boxing replay in HBO. And tomorrow will be another brand new week. Now I miss the days of being sleeping beauty all day!

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Jeff said...

Wow, that is quite a stressful schedule. I hope you get adjusted soon and find time to take some 'beauty rests'. I hope you're having a great week!