Tuesday, March 18, 2008

GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

I am sure most of you are very familiar with GPS (Global Positioning System) which are very useful in a lot of ways. One of them is getting immediate emergency road side assistance. Or if you want to plan a road trip with your family and friends, GPS can be of big help with its practical usage in maps navigation and road directions. Well, not all people have this photographic memory (when it comes to remembering road signs, landmarks, etc.) Some don’t have a good sense of direction while driving in the road especially if the place is not very familiar or not traveled often. I admit I am one of those who don’t have such good photographic memory. It so happen that my road direction is very poor. It’s easy for me to get lost when nobody’s sitting in the passenger seat to guide me. That is why GPS is a must but sometimes I can’t rely on it 100%. There’s a possibility of poor connection to the satellite feed where the GPS is situated.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about the importance of GPS. With its limitation when it comes to poor connection, a more advanced GPS technology is now available in the market but more applicable to services and trucking companies. The new product is called GPS Insight Vehicle Tracking System. It is a hardware and software-based vehicle tracking product. Companies, whose employees working on the field most of the time like delivery truck drivers and out of the office employees like sales people and service techs, should take advantage of this great product. Companies don’t have to keep on calling drivers or verifying them to provide their exact location and trip status. Its real time maps give updates every two minutes on vehicle locations to ensure a genuine proof of service which means no more fraudulent hours claimed by the drivers. The most important feature of this is the product’s ability to report to the company on the vehicles’ activity details, fuel consumption, speed violations, vehicle performance, odd hours, geofence violations and more. It also has a GPS Insight support for wiki customers. Qualified companies can avail of the free trial and expect a 30 money back guarantee. The product needs no contract, easy to install, and has the best mapping available. So if you are thinking of your company’s success and a brighter future, try this fantastic management tool. If you want to know more about this product, check the Blog for GPS vehicle tracking.

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