Wednesday, March 12, 2008

$1 For Vitamins

After a very busy day's work, I went to the mall. While strolling around I met this woman from the Philippines. She's on a tourist visa and visiting her daughter who married an American. We chit chat for awhile then continued my window shopping. One store caught my attention because I noticed a long line of customers in the cash register.

To my amazement, believe it or not these vitamins only cost $1 each. So I bought a lot of them. You might be wondering why I have all these. Well, I'm not planning for suicidal overdose. Instead, I will be sending them to my family, relatives and friends in the Philippines. I know these big bottles of vitamins are so expensive there. That is why I took advantage of the huge sale plus I got to pay only $0.79 cents each since I availed the free card membership. No need to worry about the expiration date. They will still be consumable until 2011!