Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Celebration In Some Parts Of The World

The youthful romance of Valentine's Day has captured hearts all over the world. Here are some ways people celebrate Valentine's Day in Japan in Asia, Britain in Europe and Australia. This is interesting!

Valentines Day In Japan

Valentines Day celebrations in Japan are a different affair. Here ladies buy chocolate for men. One type of chocolate which is called by the name, kiri-choco is bought for friends and close relatives. It has no romantic significance at all but the chocolate with the name of hon-mei which is specifically bought for a boy friend, beloved or husband and is a gift stimulated by romance. Then after one month later it is the turn of the men to give in return. It is March 14th (the White Day), when men present gifts of chocolate to all the ladies who remembered them on Valentines Day. The color of the chocolate is generally white because of the name of the day.

Valentines Day Traditions In Britain

Of the various customs popular in England, penning of verses of love affairs and matters of heart is the most fascinating way to honor the Saint patron of love, the immortal St. Valentine. In various parts of the United Kingdom, celebrations take place according to the customs and traditions and as the day approaches, all magazines and tabloids are readying for the day and they publish sonnets and verses to commemorate St Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day traditions In Australia

The gold miners in Australia who were blushing with new found wealth from the Ballarat mines were willing to pay a princely sum for making elaborate valentines. The merchants in Australia would generally send orders of a thousand pounds at a time to make the Valentines Day grander. The most profligate of valentines were made of a satin cushion and ornately designed with flowers, colored shells, ribbons etc. All this work was kept in a neatly adorned box.

In some countries like Austria and Germany there has long been a tradition for men to buy their sweethearts flowers on Valentine's Day. An interesting facet of this tradition is that men have to pay attention to the type of flowers their sweet hearts like- both in terms of color and fragrance. In Germany it has become a kind of must for the lovers, husbands or people who are courting, to give gifts and flowers to their loved ones on Valentines Day. It adds romance and excitement to the occasion. Here various gifts in the shape of love symbols would be given with romantic love messages written all over. On the occasion of the Valentines Day the husbands give presents of chocolates and roses to their wives. Even the certificates of baptism and marriage were thought to be given as Valentines Day gifts but these were more likely to be decorative and pictorial. These would be accompanied by love messages and romantic verses.