Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A New Job Offer

I got a call this morning from the staffing agency offering me a new job assignment. It will only be for a month and I will be doing the admin/clerical duties. The rate is pretty good and the work location is close to where I live. This is what I hate when registering with an agency because most jobs are temporary and sometimes very short. Every time a new assignment comes, I also have to adjust to the new corporate culture and the people working in that particular company. But who am I to complain? I am new here in the US and I do not have a lot of local experience. They don't really care of my my three-year customer service and banking experience in the Philippines. I know the competition for office jobs is tight nowadays considering the layoffs and downsizing of employees from some companies. Hmmm for now, I will just have to take advantage of it while waiting for a call from the bank which I applied also a week ago. So, right now I guess I have to enjoy my two weeks. I still have a lot of time beautifying and decorating the house. Hubby completely agrees to my designs and colors. He is very cool about it. I am the boss when it comes to interior designing. Hehehe. Of course he knows I know best!