Thursday, February 21, 2008

Long Interview On The Phone

I was so happy I got a call from the bank which I applied a week ago. I was told by the human resources coordinator to wait for 7-10 days that is if they will consider me for the position. The last days, I have been eagerly waiting for this call and I have this feeling that I can proceed to the next hiring process considering I passed the skill test, got great score and passed the initial interview. While browsing my friends' blogs, my cell phone rang. Looking at my screensaver, it was not a registered number on my phonebook. Then I heard a woman's voice on the other line telling me about my application from the bank. I was so happy because it means I am close to being hired. When I told my husband about this, he said a second interview is a good sign that they are interested in the applicant. And so the phone interview started. She asked so many questions which I did not anticipate but I confidently answer them as best as I can even though deep inside I was nervous. She also discussed the benefits which include the 401k, health insurance, medical & dental coverage, vacation & sick leave, educational assistance, retirement plan, etc. The interview took almost an hour and then she told me to get a pen and paper for another interview schedule and the hiring supervisor to look for. I will have the interview tomorrow. Wish me luck. I really hope I can make it. I love the flexible work schedule, location, benefits and the job itself since it is very much related to my previous job experience in the Philippines. With this job, I could start as early as 7:30 in the morning until completion. I can also attend late afternoon or evening classes since I am planning to go back to school and take up nursing. I hope everything will turn out ok tomorrow.