Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our First Valentines Celebration

It took me an hour to get beautiful, put some make up, curled my hair and trying for a new look for this very special occasion. I was very hungry already while waiting for my lovey dovey from work. It's our first Valentines together. I remember last year, my thoughtful fiance who is already my hubby sent me some online gifts. It made me feel super special and it really made my day though we were miles apart. Today, we give each other gifts and cards and of course exchanged hugs and kisses. We left the house a little late for dinner. I was worried about getting a seat because we did not make any reservation. When we got to our favorite steak restaurant we waited for about 30 minutes. I know I hate to wait but it's worth it. Though we had a simple celebration, we really had the most romantic dinner and the best food. I look forward for next year's Valentines and I hope there will be many more to come in our marriage.