Sunday, November 25, 2007

My "To Do List"

I have many things to do but I don't know why I can't accomplish those ASAP. Being impatient really never helps. Yes, I am one. And sometimes I hate myself because I want to get things done right there and then. Or might be because of boredom? Staying in the house with nothing much to do, no friendly neighbors to talk to, it's quiet difficult. I get frustrated once in a while especially when it comes to applying jobs online. I click over 20 applications everday whenever I feel I'm qualified to do the job but until now I don't get a serious job offer. Well, I get phone calls and emails from recruiters but that's it, no interviews. And finding a job is on top of my "to do list". I think I need to extend my patience more and more. As they say, it is a virtue anyway.