Monday, November 19, 2007

Pinay Friends

Today is my friend's special day(her wedding). I met Nel when I attended the CFO Seminar, which is a pre-departure requirement for fiancee visa holder. I really like her because she's a Bisaya and from Cebu also. Everytime we talk on the phone we share almost everything and she really makes me laugh so hard (nothing compares). My concern is her adjustment of status and getting a green card (permanent residency). She got married with expired I-94 and that is a serious immigration issue. I hope she and her husband can provide a reasonable excuse why such delay and out of the 90 day window period. With US immigration so strict these days because of these illegal aliens coming in the country, I really hope and pray they will not be so harsh to her case and might give a little consideration.

Got a call from Maricela in the afternoon while she was babysitting four kids including her two year old daughter, Kaithlyn. She is a pinay also and been here for two years. Thank God I found some friends whom I can talk to especially these times when family and friends are miles away from home.